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Here Comes the Snow... and the Salt and the Sand!

Oct 27, 2017      Share:  

It can't be avoided - the snow will be flying here in the Twin Cities any day now. With the snow comes the snow plows, and the salt and sand put down on the highways around Minneapolis and St. Paul that can kick up and pit and crack your auto glass.

Snow Plow Auto Glass Damage Photo
Boulay Auto Glass can replace auto glass damaged by salt and sand this winter.

A damaged windshield is a safety issue - make sure to get your damaged auto glass replaced!

Boulay Auto Glass will replace your damaged auto glass on your BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Land Rover, Volvo, Saab, Audi or any make and model of car at your work or your home - our skilled technicians have experience replacing the auto glass on all vehicles. Our convenient appointments keep you from having to take off time from work.

The auto glass installers take pride on setting standards in the industry for both customer service and safety awareness. Because of our experience, several local Twin Cities auto dealerships have placed their trust in Boulay Auto Glass and refer their valued customers to us for their auto glass needs.

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